Top 10 upcoming dual sim smartphones in 2015

Smartphone are an important accessory for everyday life. It has become an essential part of our routine. Instead of keeping 2 or 3 phones the mobile world has launched many smart-phones that provide the facility of dual sim. This year 2015 some of the finest and reliable smart phones will be released. Here is the list of upcoming top 10 smart phones in 2015.


10 -Oppo U3

Oppo is a new brand of smart phones in the mobile world. Shortly they have launched their wide variety of smart phones. No doubt that in no time they have earned a lot of appreciation. In April, they will launch their new smart-phone known as Oppo U3. This has the ability of dual sim. It has some amazing specifications like touch screen, 5.9 inches screen to give you a better view of screen with long battery time. It has 13 mega pixel rear camera.


9 – Xiaomi Mi Note plus LTE

 Xiaomi Mi Note plus LTE
In April, this smart phone will be released. It has the finest resolution with a 5.7 inch display. This smart phone has 13 mega pixel digital camera that will let you take some amazing selfies .The shape of this phone is very curvier and attractive.


8 – Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro

 Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro
Lenovo will soon launch its dual sim smart-phone Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro. This has some reliable features like it offers a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels. It has a big display screen. The battery time of the phone is approximately eight hours. It would be available in the variety of colors. The shape of this phone is very stylish.


7- Blackberry leap

Blackberry is all set to release their new product known as blackberry leap. This smart-phone offers wide range of features like 5 inch display screen, 8 mega pixel camera with flash light and 2 mega pixel front camera.


6-Xperia E4

xperia E4
From the past few months Sony did not release any of their products. But soon in 2015 this will release its high end technology Xperia E4, which will hit the markets soon. It has decent features like 5 inch display screen , quad core processor, 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera that will support video calls and selfies. It will offer fairly long battery time.


5-Alcatel pop 2(4)

This smart phone will be released in September 2015. It will be available in blue white and black colors. Eight megapixel camera will take better pictures and it has fairly huge battery time. Internal memory up to 4GB. 4 inch display screen , with the capacity of unlimited phonebook memory. 1.3 secondary camera.


4 – Archos 35b Titanium

Archos 35b Titanium
Archos 35b will be launched by the end of march 2015. This supports dual sim. This will be available in only black color. It will allow you to manage between your mails, important calls, and conference video chats.


3 – Micromax canvas

Micromax canvas
This dual sim smart-phone is a perfect combination of style and elegancy. This smart phone will be available in gold, black and white color. The possible price of this smart phone will be 22,0 has 18 megapixel camera, which ensures the top quality of pictures and selfies.5 inch display screen with prolong battery stand by time are the efficient features of this upcoming dual sim smart phone.


2 – Samsung galaxy J1 4G LTE

Samsung galaxy J1 4G LTE
Samsung is one of the renowned bands of smart-phones. They have launched a wide range of phones till now. Soon they will be launching their new phone galaxy J1 4G LTE.This is cost effective. As all the features of an expensive smart phone will be installed in this . It is will be available in blue white and black colors. Quad-core processor, 4.3 inch display screen, and 5 megapixel primary camera, is some of its features.


1-HTC Desire 626

HTC desire

HTC is one of the best smart-phone. It provides you high quality services. HTC desire will be launched soon this month. It has one of the finest camera qualities that enable you to have video conference quite well with your loved ones Five Inch display with 5 megapixel camera quality.

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