Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In UK

The UK Is the one of the elegant countries in the world. It is the wonderland and dreamland for the majority of the people. There is an actuality about this area is that it is the universe of wrongdoings too.There are a few urban areas in the UK that are celebrated for law violations.The cities are developed for settlement of the population. These are enriched with the offices of life. They are bearing the exclusive expectations of life for living in the urban areas.Here is the list of cities that is famous for the crimes, these are the top 10 cities of the UK popular for criminal activities.


  1. Black Pool:

Black Pool

Black pool is known as the small city that is situated in the England on the side of North West. The number of inhabitants in the town is around 140,000. This is not a huge city as much, however the wrongdoing rate is high. It is an alarming situation for the government. The city is known for the crimes of all types like rape, theft, robbery, kidnapping and murders.


  1. Sheffield:


It is situated in Yorkshire, there are a great number of people belongs to Africa and Asia. It is extremely disturbing circumstance that the wrongdoing rate is high despite the fact that it is a little city in term of population. There are all types of street crimes are happening here. There is a long list of crimes in the city.


  1. Leeds:


Leeds is the city that is very famous as per business and development. There are a few urban areas in the UK that are celebrated for law violations. It is very amazing that this cultured and famous city has very alarming crime rate. Rape, murder, kidnapping, sexually assault and kidnapping are the common street crime.


  1. Rotherham:


The river don is flowing beside the city in South Yorkshire. The most popular crime in that city is known for car theft on the streets. Then again the record of street crimes is not little. A wide range of criminal acts are going on here. The increasing situation is now getting worse.


  1. Middlesbrough:


The river Tees is lying with the city and the city is famous for it. The city is confronting the disturbing proportion of unlawful acts in the road. It is an extremely ghastly circumstance that there is no security of life and assets there. The majority of the people is facing the situation of sexually assault and rape cases are very common there.


  1. Manchester:


This is the city that is famous in all over the world because it is the industrial city. It is not only famous industries, but it is known for crimes of as well. The varieties of crime are happening here and the ratio of street crime is very high.


  1. Birmingham:


It is a densed populated city and having a huge list of dangerous crimes. It is very dangerous to live or to stay because the crime rate is getting increase here. You will find here the majority of the Asian.It is the city popular for perilous illicit acts.


  1. London:


London is the biggest city, but the biggest in crimes as well. It is the city that is famous in all over the world and is considered the dreamland. The fact is that this dreamland is full of crime and criminals. It is the city that is known for trade and social life. The social life of the city is very stunning and people use to spend their time in entertainment. The varieties of facilities are available here, but the city is facing the alarming situation of street crimes as well.


  1. Bradford:


Bradford is the city facing the shocking situation of crime that is murder. It is accounted for that around 500 people are killed in the city. A colossal record of road  violations like car grabbing, burglary, threatning, assault, abducting and numerous more. All these law violation make the city particularly perilous.


    1. Glassgow:


Glassgow is the city of the highest crime rate. There are a  huge variety of crimes is happening here. The road criminal acts are making the circumstances of the city exceptionally shocking and risky. It makes the life hopeless for the inhabitants of the city.

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