Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in America 2015

There are hundreds of professions in America but the ones mentioned below are the top 10 highest paying jobs Of America the year 2015.


10 -School teacher


Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs ever.  The whole future of a student relies on the shoulders of a teacher. Teacher not only teaches but builds up the entire career of the student. Teacher has to deal with more than hundreds of student per day.  The annual salary rates of teachers during the year 2014 were 86,720 dollars.


9 -Software developer

software developer


This is a very important job.  These are the experts which invent the technologies.  The demands of software developers are very high especially in America.  This salary is extremely good. According to a survey, they were paid for about 92660 dollars in 2013. Software developers are required in industries, medical centers, high schools, and corporate offices.


8 -Web developer


These are professional who are responsible to create the websites. Mostly many big web developing companies hire the professionals. The developers work for the companies and in turn are get paid. According to a survey a web developer was paid approximately 110350 dollars in the year 2014.


7 -Architect


This profession is very interesting but demands skill and talent. This profession is emerging very rapidly and many international corporate companies are hiring architect designers . Few years back the architects were not much in the lime-light but however, with the improvement in the economy but they have managed to get to the front row. From designing the big building to study the 3D models, the architects are required. They paid an estimated amount of 112,470 dollars per project.


6 -Lawyer



Lawyers either work independently or with some private firm or industries. There are some lawyers who earn from both the sources and in the end earn a lot of money.  There are many multi-national companies in America who hires lawyers for their private matters. These lawyers are given many benefits like the company gives them their private car house and many other facilities. Apart from these perks they are paid a high amount which makes this profession a highest earning profession in America. They are paid almost 134091 dollars per year, while working with reputed firms.


5 -Dentist


This is one of the most expensive professions. The dentists are earning a huge amount in America. The dentists can be found in hospitals as well they can be seen in their own personal clinics. There are many dentists who work in hospitals in the day and in the evening they work in their own private clinic.  So they are earning from both the sources. Dentists earn almost 146340 dollars. This is one of the highly paid profession in America.


4 -Marketing managers

Marketing Manager

The job of marketing manager is very tough.  They convince you to buy those products which are advertised on almost every channel. Marketing manager plans wisely by keeping in view the demand of the people, that what tactics would be used to sell their products.  The mastermind behind all this planning is the marketing manager.  This is also a highly paid profession in America.  They earn around 187,199 dollar per year.


3 -Doctor


No matter what but this profession always remain in top ten professions. No matter in what era you enter, doctors will always be required to treat your ailments. Whether working in the hospitals or medical centers, this profession is highly paid. This is one of the most sensitive professions that require knowledge, experience, and skills, without this the life of the patient can be at stake. This is also one of the most respected professions in America. They earn approximately 192875 dollar per year.


2 -Engineer


The future of America is in the hands of the engineer.  There is not a single this that does not require the expertise of engineers.  Buildings, cars, planes trains electronics computers everything requires an engineer for its manufacturing and production.  This is one of the most important professions in America.  Engineers need to be creative, intelligent, and skillful. Salary of an engineer is almost 234573 dollars per year, especially when they sign a contract with a renowned industry.




Hollywood directors are paid the highest.These are the people who make tremendous movies that are then released all over the world.  The amount they invest gets doubled when, are paid to them.  Many directors managed to buy their own production houses after working for years.  They are paid almost 265 million dollars for making a high budget movie.

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