Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid on First Date

First dates are always accompanied by nervousness and high expectations. If you do not want to ruin the magic moment, then check out this list of foods you should never eat on a date. Dates are always stressful especially first dates! It is normal for both men and women who do not want disappointing attitudes “kill passions,” like having a piece of food in teeth. The last thing you want to take your chances with a food that you can fall ill or even leave the stomach that fateful breath! Which, let us say, can ruin the perfect first kiss time.

That is why the journalist Jennifer Houston published in female website a list of foods you should never eat on a date if you’re looking to seduce and surprise your partner. Then check them.


  1. Spaghetti


Many will remember the classic scene from Disney where “Lady and the Tramp” share a delicious plate of spaghetti. However, no matter how romantic it sounds, it is not! Unless you’re an expert. Eating noodles should be avoided! It is a difficult dish to eat with grace, so better opt for something easy to cut and eat.

  1. Spinach


Most women care about their food. That’s why during a first date; ask vegetable soups or salads. But watch out! Do not order anything with spinach, because it stains your teeth and tongue, also it activates intestinal transit, so avoid consuming if you do not want to spend a night with farting around your partner.

  1. Garlic


As mentioned above, garlic is the worst enemy of an appointment. Garlic is healthy and tasty, but it is best eaten only at home. Do not want to miss the opportunity to kiss the man in your life to smell like garlic. Moreover, those who eat garlic after the bounce through the pores through sweat, so not only have garlic breath, but your whole body betrays you.

  1. Pasta

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Nothing richer and tastier than a pasta with pesto dressing! But beware. With the pesto you run the risk that a piece of “green” sticking to your teeth. Furthermore, a major pesto ingredients besides basil, is garlic. Surely not want to kiss your date after eating pesto.

  1. Watermelon, corn on the cob


True, these do not reach both the first date. But if we are to meet at a picnic or barbecue from a friend back, best patio keep these off the list. In the history of the world, no one has eaten a watermelon without looking like a slobbering fool. And if you’re looking to impress a date, avoid foods that require to slide his face through a surface with butter and is guaranteed to present grains so deeply into the teeth cannot be removed with hydraulic tools.

  1. Ice cream cone

ice cream cone

A refreshing little cone Double Chocolate Mint Oreo may look adorably romantic on a summer day, but it is a disastrous idea for three reasons. First, the date will be that judging by the beginning (Does strawberry course means she is too conservative? Gum demonstrate that immature?). Second, the moment you step outside the laws of thermodynamics becomes implacable enemy, and its rapid melting of Mocha Raspberry Swirl become an idiot licking, frantically, which brings us to the reason three: In any start date, avoid foods that have to lick. No man needs that kind of pressure. No woman wants that kind of attention.

  1. Sushi


Are you an expert with chopsticks? If you’re not, you may fall or coat them in the sauce you can sprinkle clothes. In addition they can be bigger than your mouth, not able to speak in a while after trying to introduce one in the mouth.

  1. Burgers


Rich, tasty and large. Normally they are bigger than your mouth, making it impossible to eat elegantly. If your date invites you to eat hamburgers and you really want to eat one, then do not forget you can use a knife and fork. It is more boring but safe. Nor recommend eating sushi on a first date, usually bigger than your mouth.

  1. Barbecue, chicken wings, fried chicken


What did you just say? You can love a good plate of ribs or Buffalo wings, but when you’re done you’ll look like a child of three years in a high chair. You could try using a knife and fork, but then you just seem a Prissy.

  1. Mexican, Indian, Szechuan, Thai food

thai food

Spicy food: Mexican, Indian or Thai food has a strong flavor resulting from the use of hot spices such as curry. Most people have an allergic reaction to these ingredients, making our nostrils become more sensitive. They can also cause heartburn. If you do not want to ruin your date better refrain from sorting.

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