Top 10 Countries with the Largest Gold Reserves

Top Countries with the Largest Gold Reserves
July 3, 2015

Gold and supportive metals, which has continually been respected subsidizing. The expense of gold has declined from the earliest starting point of 2014, has ceaselessly been captured everybody. Last year, world gold interest came to an expected 3,923.7 tons, down 4% from the former year however in any case worth practically $a hundred and sixty billion, in accordance with a shiny new document from the segment Gold Council (WGC). We…


Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid on First Date

coffee date
June 26, 2015

First dates are always accompanied by nervousness and high expectations. If you do not want to ruin the magic moment, then check out this list of foods you should never eat on a date. Dates are always stressful especially first dates! It is normal for both men and women who do not want disappointing attitudes “kill passions,” like having a piece of food in teeth. The last thing you want…


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in America 2015

April 4, 2015

There are hundreds of professions in America but the ones mentioned below are the top 10 highest paying jobs Of America the year 2015.   10 -School teacher Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs ever.  The whole future of a student relies on the shoulders of a teacher. Teacher not only teaches but builds up the entire career of the student. Teacher has to deal with more…