10 Ways To Make First Date Awesome


If you are planning to impress your love on the first date, than here are 10 simple ways which can bring smile on your date.


10 – Surprise a plan

 Surprise a plan

For the first date surprises are always the best option.  In case you are planning a date for a girl then surely go for it because girls love surprises. Whereas , on the other hand boys like surprises too especially when it is by the person they are going on date with.  The end product of surprise will be amazing.


9 – Bring flowers


Flowers are the best option to give on first date. It creates a good impression. Roses are a sign of love as well. Bringing a large bouquet of red roses with a love note will be a better idea to use on your fist date. Flowers are a best way to express your love.


8 – Play a guitar on your first date

guitar for your loved one

Playing guitar is a best option to impress your date. You can play some romantic song that can convey your feeling to your date. If you don’t know how to play guitar you can arrange some guitar players who can play the songs for your date on your behalf.


7 – Candle light dinner


This is the best idea ever.  You can take your date on to a candle light dinner near some beach under the starry night. You can order her favorite food.  It is better to talk about your date’s interest when you are meeting for the first time. Have some quality time and ask about your date’s likings and disliking and make her feel special.


6 – Go for coffee

coffee date

You can take your date for coffee to a small cozy restaurant. Where you can have some private time with your date, and you can express your feelings easily .  Chose a restaurant that is not much crowded and which is located away from the commercial area. You can hold your date’s hand and let your heart out. You can confess your love for your date.


5 – Take your date for a walk

Take your date for a walk

Going on a walk with your date is a very good option.  You can share some privacy with your date. You can talk for hours, confess your feelings and enjoy. You can hold hands while walking.  Talk about your favorite vacation spots. Give your date all your time and attention.  Make your date feel special.


4 – Take your for a dance class

Take your for a dance class

This is the best option to spend time with your date. It will be the best time when you both will be close and you can let your date know that how you feel for her. You can propose her for marriage also.  You can tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life.


3 – Bring her a diamond ring

Bring her a diamond ring

Diamonds are women’s best friend. If you are planning to propose your girl on your first date then get a beautiful ring for her. You can hide it in the wine glass or inside the food. She will be amazed to find that ring out.  Later on you can get down on your knees and propose her for the marriage.


2 – Bring chocolates for your date


Chocolates can be given on any occasion. Chocolates can bring smile on your date. Chocolates when eaten releases , a hormone that is released when one is in love.  So chocolates are considered as a sign of love.  Chocolates can be wrapped into beautiful paper with hearts imprinted on it.


1- Gift your love a fluffy big teddy bear

Gift your love a fluffy big teddy bear

Gift your date a big fluffy teddy bear.  Girls and guys loved stuffed toys when given by the person they love. You can send this into parcel and you can surprise your loved ones. This can bring smile on the face of your loved one.

Here are ten awesome ideas, that can make your loved ones feel special. These ideas can win the heart of your date. Use these ideas and make your date a perfect one that you will always remember and cheer the moment spent with your loved one/


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